Please review my Wikipedia Viewer App guys

Please review my Wikipedia Viewer App guys


Hey, guys. Would really appreciate your feedback on my Wikipedia Viewer App. The link for my project is this. Please review it :slight_smile:


Nice. I like that you gave the option to limit the results. It’s odd to me that there’s two different places to click for a link, though.


Thanks for sharing; this is a cool app.

  • When the screen is small, the app is responsive, but the nav/header area becomes very tall. See if you can tighten that section.

  • If there are no results, the app could show a message saying that no matches were found.


Thanks… Will try that for sure


Ok… will remove one of them… Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:


Really good - I liked the number option.
You should be able to just hit return to search - not have to click


Ya… Sure …Will do that… Thanks :relaxed: