Please tell me my weather app is working

Please tell me my weather app is working


I just finished(?) my weather app, and it works fine on my laptop, but I still have doubts. Can you check if it’s working on your end? Thanks!


In germany works without a problem :wink:


works fine in India:slight_smile:


From Phuket, Thailand. It’s working here. :notes:


Have you tried it on a phone?


Not working on the phone, it is not asking for permission to access my location.


I tried it on a phone. It asked for my location, but nothing else happened afterward :confused:


It works on my phone on up-to-date iOS and Safari.


Works on my phone (iOS) and also, pin point accuracy, which mine is lacking!

I may have to peek at your location stuff to see what you did - I know you out a fair bit of thought into that :slight_smile: