Please test my Recipe Box

Please test my Recipe Box


Hello campers.

Code could be better I admit but could a fellow camper please put on their QA Test hat and verify all requirements are met.

Here is the CodePen



Most of it works fine, except that the add recipe form does not clear after you submit the recipe or after you close the form.


If you add a bunch of recipes so that the page needs to scroll, and then you try to edit one of the new recipes, the modal box appears offscreen. I saw the same issue as Marie with the form details remaining after submit.

I just finished this project yesterday. Would appreciate your feed back on mine:


Thank you for taking the time to check out the project.

I know technically that is a bug but for now I’m gonna call it a feature.


Well, it does make it easier to re-enter the same recipe. That’s a nice feature! :wink:


Oof. That’s a bad one. Thanks, I will take a look.