Pomodoro Clock Finished! feedback welcome

Pomodoro Clock Finished! feedback welcome


I recently finished the “Build Pomodoro Clock” project using jQuery. I thought I would put this out there in case anybody wants to check it out and maybe give some feedback: https://codepen.io/cbm3/full/BrbBjO/


Style is ok but it lacks features.
I would like to have:
Reset button.
Sound or visual clues indicating break or work time.


Hrm, there actually is supposed to be a sound played when a work or break session ends, maybe it didn’t trigger with your browser though. I’ll have to look into this some more. :confused:

There should be some text in the middle of the screen indicating either a work or break session. Maybe I should do something that catches the eye a bit more?

A reset button would indeed be pretty cool. Maybe I’ll add that in on my next revisit to this pen.


I think you can do better.
The sound problem might be a codepen problem. It doesn’t like insecure content from another domain.


Very nice! I love it, beautiful and responsive.


Looks cool, however, if you pause it during rest, change values and attempt to restart, it starts on rest.
Looks very nice though.