Pomodoro Clock tests failing: Timer has not reached 00:00

Pomodoro Clock tests failing: Timer has not reached 00:00

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I’ve built a Pomodoro Clock with React and it fails tests #1, #8-15 of timer and test #1 of audio with a following error:

Timer has not reached 00:00.
Error: Timer has not reached 00:00

When I test the clock myself, it clearly goes to 00:00, stays like this for a second while playing a sound, then starts a break timer as written in user stories. But I noticed a difference between how FCC tests run on other people’s Pomodoros and mine: in “succesful” apps the test goes once for 1 minute session on 30ms intervals/timeouts, shows 00:00 for a second, then starts doing other tests, while in my app it goes for a lot of sessions of 1 minute on 30ms intervals, playing the 00:00 sound and all that, but it looks like the test never sees what it wants to see and after 30 or so speed-ran sessions it just gives up.

I’ve googled that problem a fair bit, looked up how other people did that challenge, tried switching setInterval to recursive setTimeout, used accurateInterval() which was used in the example project, rewrote my timer function in many ways but still am unable to tackle this problem. This forum thread is my last resort, if you have any ideas I would greatly appreciate your feedback.

Thanks and sorry if this is the wrong forum branch, didn’t know where to create my thread.

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/sander-chief/pen/qgjLZV?editors=0110 on codepen
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learn freecodecamp org/front-end-libraries/front-end-libraries-projects/build-a-pomodoro-clock
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I am having the same issue :frowning:
My code is at codepen io/SunshineMcCoy/pen/dLZbqm


With a fresh pair of eyes today, I realized my mistake. Please ignore!