Pomodoro watch Project Feedback

Pomodoro watch Project Feedback


Hey all, Finished my Pomodoro Clock Project made with Reactjs, and momentjs library for the timer. Took longer than expected to get the all test passing “phew”.
any feedback would be welcome, here is the codepen link

Thanks in advance.


I like it. It definitely looks clean, and it’s nice and centered on my mobile view. I haven’t looked at the project requirements, so I don’t know if that audio is a requirement when the arrows are pushed. If not it was a clever touch I thought


Thanks for your comment, no the audio for the arrows is not a requirement, just something extra.


Great work there, could you help me with my clock project, i used react and i have been stuck on it for over a week. here’s the codepen link https://codepen.io/iamrc1/pen/NLLMBY/?editors=0010