Portfolio feedback- Personal Portfolio

Portfolio feedback- Personal Portfolio


Hi Everyone!
i just finish my first personal portfolio and i just finish my second freecodecamp project.
here is the my portfolio codepen link : https://codepen.io/Hooriahic/full/pVaJeW/
thank you for any feedback or advice! i feel like i learned soo much from this project


Good job there. One step at a time.


Good job ^^ I mean, really good job ^^ It doesn’t appear as a new -to-code developer structure: it’s responsive, functional, good-looking. Congratulations!


thanks! for appreciations


In the contact section, i would change the width of the media links. now each one get full container width. i would make them all inline


the links for live demos can not be read as they are blue on a blue background.


i fixed it
now check out


thanks @sorinr
for fixed the media link


and :blush:again thanks everyone :sunglasses: