Portfolio Page - Any feedback would be appreciated

Portfolio Page - Any feedback would be appreciated


Hi guys,

I’ve finished my portfolio after quite a mission! I’ve done a bit of bootstrap before on another course, so I really wanted to try it without. I used CSS Grids and adapted a css navbar tutorial but it is very fiddly without bootstrap, so I don’t think my code is as short as it could be. Here is the project, anyways.

If you have any feedback I would love to hear it!

Kind Regards



Nice job Emma! I like your portfolio, it looks very sleek.
The only comment I can think of at the moment is making the top left logo on the navigation bar act as a home button, as that is very common in most websites.


Hi Gantork,

Thanks very much for your feedback. I’ve stuck an anchor tag in now :smiley: .



First website here whats looks rock solid!


Keep it up!


Thank you! Will do :smile:


You spelled Bootstrap 3 wrong.


Ah good spot! All fixed. Thanks for having a look.