Portfolio page for review - thanks!

Portfolio page for review - thanks!


All thoughts are welcome. The page works best on smaller devices but should be pretty responsive. If there are any issues with that, I’m curious to hear about them!


Looks good! Here’s my feedback:

  1. The fixed navbar is good but it does get in the way when you try viewing it on a mobile device, taking up a lot of screen real estate. I would try to use the Bootstrap navbar (with the “hamburger” icon) so the navbar takes up less space.
  2. The page loaded a bit slowly for me, probably due to the background images. You can try compressing them - TinyPNG works well, as do other services with a quick search as you will find.
  3. Your LinkedIn icon at the footer isn’t linking properly.

I do like the style and flow of the website overall, though.


Thanks so much for your feedback! I fixed the navbar. Had to fiddle with it for a while to restore the styling, but very happy with it now!


You have amazing design, I loved the choice of fonts. One thing I would suggest that the background image is HD which takes time to load up, Download that image, compress it to reduce size (there are alot of online tools I use www.optimizilla.com)then use it. It would have positive effect of loading speed.
This is the report of your image after conversion --> Original: 5.7M YCbCr JPEG, Compressed: 1.4M(-76%) YCbCr JPEG


Thanks! I’m aware of the image issue and plan to scale down before I go live with the page. Right now it’s nice to just grab it from the website instead of hosting. :wink:


Clean design, nontrivial font choice, adapts well also on larger screens: good job!
You could add a visual feedback of navbar active item (it may require some javascript code), and I would have added also a scrollspy effect.