Portfolio page - It just needs some feedback

Portfolio page - It just needs some feedback


Ok, so, thanks to a very nice person here on the forum I managed to solve some technical issues with the portfolio page. I’m almost ready to submit, but I’m missing something. Your opinion :slight_smile:

Here it is. Every suggestion, opinion, critique and idea is most welcome. Thanks in advance!


it’s pretty awesome, just the buttons for social media aren’t clickable!!!


You’re right about that, they’re not really buttons, they’re just icons. I’ll update the Pen with buttons and blank anchors, making them clickable

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated :slight_smile:


looking really good so far. I assume you’re still working on it?


Not really. I mean, I don’t have any project to showcase in the portfolio section, nor I can write that I’m “proficient” with anything in the about section. It was just an exercise to test my HTML and CSS skills so far, and for now I’m done. I’ll update it as I go through the course.


Your Portfolio page looks good. Is it your first time using HTML and CSS ?


It is my first complex project built entirely from scratch. I began studying HTML and CSS ten days ago, so apart from the mockups and the exercises, yes, it’s my first time.


yea thats what I meant. The page itself looks really good and I’m sure you’ll have success in the future if this the type of work your doing early on.

Have you been coding for some time now, or just getting into it?


Thanks for the trust :slight_smile:

It’s been two weeks now, 3/4 hours a day after work. Considering that I’m into learning the ropes of JavaScript for some time now, I’d say something more than a week.