Portfolio Page - Review

Portfolio Page - Review


This is my second project and i hope i did it average :slight_smile: Review please.

Codepen Link : http://codepen.io/Siddey/full/xOwaJV/


Cool design! It’s informative, smooth, and looks great. I can’t think of any way to improve this!


Hello there Siddey! You mean, you hope you did amazing, right? Because I think you did a great job! Especially on the overall design. The photo idea in the portfolio section was brilliant!

Small things you could fix:

  1. Adding top-padding to the body so that the fixed nav isn’t obstructing the top of the jumbotron.

  2. Perhaps a bigger font size overall

  3. Make social icons bigger on large screens

Overall, great job!


Thank you for taking your time to write the review :smiley:

I will work on the fixes that you suggested and it will definitely make it look better!



That looks awesome.



Wow that looks great! However, the word ‘exciting’ has been misspelt at the bottom of the page.


You’re site looks really great. There are just a few changes I would make:

  1. Make all the sections, except for the nav menu the same width. This will make it more pleasing to the eye.
  2. Maybe you could be a little less font happy. I’ve heard that it’s best to stick to one or two fonts.

Other than that, your site looks great! I especially like the glyphicons.