Portfolio Project Done. Feedback and Code Review Will Be Cool

Portfolio Project Done. Feedback and Code Review Will Be Cool


Hello Camper,

How do you doing? This is the second project I have done. So any kind of feedback will be appreciated.
Here is the link: http://codepen.io/a2-zubair/pen/zwYpwB

Design and Code review will be cool.
Thanks everybody. Happy Coding.


Hey there!

I just had a quick look and I think it’s a nice design. The picky things from me are:

  • Minor consistency issues, such as an extra space here: javaScript /photoshop (just under the Portfolio heading)
  • Inconsistent and incorrect (depends on whom you ask) capitalisation. I would argue that HTML should all be capitalised, for instance. The quotes under the some of the section headings should probably start with a capital letter
  • The short description about yourself—having every word capitalised is probably a design decision, but I personally find it difficult to read
  • Some elements of it strongly reminds me of a portfolio that I have seen before, such as the “made with love and coffee part”
  • Aligning the text in the footer in each of the columns on the side (on larger screen) also makes them left/right aligned on smaller screen when all the footer columns become 12-grid columns

I hope that helps! :slight_smile:


I appreciate your review. I’ll focus on your points and update things as soon as i can.

Thanks. honmanyau