Portfolio Website

Portfolio Website


I just completed my portfolio website and would really appreciate some feedback! Please let me know if there are any errors. Portfolio


Looks great! All the links seem to work and I even tested the form validation with some gibberish.


It looks very good, and I like your other website.
The only thing that I spotted was just above your footer with your var for the mission statement. Was that intentional?
I really like your slogan {…} at the home.


Thanks so much! I put a lot of time into it :slight_smile:


Thanks! Yes, I was intentionally modelling at after the syntax for declaring a variable. Thanks again :relaxed:


I can see that. It keeps with the theme. However, some may see it as a coding error.
Is there a better way to showcase it? The brackets worked at the top of the page…


Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll look into it.