Possible Real Site

Possible Real Site


I don’t want my posts on here anymore.


That’s a very nice page! I can see why he’d like it.

You’ve got everything dental, contact, visit-0wise covered.

Looks just as good at small screen sizes, as well.

However, (yeah, always with the howevers…) when the screen is reduced, the Greenburg Dental logo covers up your name. Can’t have that!


Looks great! A couple of suggestions. You are displaying the slide images with much smaller dimensions that the original images. You are resizing the images with CSS, however the browser still has to download the full image and some of those are close to 1 MB each. On a slower connection, the page will take longer to load because of this. You should shrink the images down closer to the actual size they will appear in the slide show. I was able to use PhotoShop to shrink one of your images from 750 KB down to 100 KB without losing any image quality.


This is in Firefox (latest version). I just reduced the browser window until it went into the small screens display. I hope it helps.

It may be just a combination of all the greens and blues “mixing” together?