Problem with "Build a Random Quote Machine" project

Problem with "Build a Random Quote Machine" project


Hi, guys. I’m need your help, because I stacked with my “Build a Random Quote Machine” project for a few days. I rewrote code so many times, and try some different APIs, but code still doesn’t work properly. Help me, please. Here’s the code:
$.getJSON(“”, function parseQuote(quoteObj) {
Project on Codepen:



I had the same problem as you.

try to incorporate this line of code for your api request

this should get you going.

now you need to incorporate the the twitter button at least for completing the user stories


Hi there!

It looks like you have one JSON object you’re trying to grab information from.

The .getJSON method’s callback function is an anonymous function (so get rid of the parseQuote name)


The .html() jQuery method accepts either no arguments, or a function. So I would look into that as well.


It looks like you’re really close though! Best of luck.


Hi! And thank you very much, it’s worked. I spent so many time trying to fix it. And your advice was very helpful. Thanks a lot.:slightly_smiling_face:


Hi. Thank you for a useful links, I’ll read this all to better understand the ajax.