Problem with page/html/body display not occupying full page

Problem with page/html/body display not occupying full page



As you can see below, the body is not using 100% of my html, but my header is.
This pose a problem when I want to put a line that goes across the page (see my footer): it only goes across the body, not the whole html, so the line appears short.

Also, my header is made with a table instead of a grid because for some reason it wasn’t displaying properly (maybe the same reason my body is displaying weirdly). Also, I can’t seem to fix my navigation bar to the top.

Let me know how I can improve that! Thanks!


@eloiseboileau It seems you have not added bootstrap to your css, so your page doesn’t take the styles properly (that’s why your nav doesn’t fix to the top).


And how would I do that? I’m a little bit overwhelmed by everything I learned, and I can’t seem to figure what step is missing!


Look in the css part of your Pen there is a settings button (it is kind of a gear), you should click on that button and then in the window that appears go to the Quick-add section and display the options, there must be some options like bootstrap, foundation, and Animate.css, just click on bootstrap and that’s it.


Wow! See that’s the kind of thing I didn’t fully process yet! Now that you’ve told me, I remember doing it for my Tribute Page but I would NEVER I’ve figured that one out! I feel very frustrated to have spend that much time trying to figure it out how to grid stuff… but thank you so much! :slight_smile: