Product landing page feedback and help

Product landing page feedback and help


Hi, there this is the attempt of my product landing page. Do feedback :smiley:

As for why some of the tests failed, I’ve used a video as a background instead of an image.

The other 2 failed test are related to the nav-link and submit button, but both are actually working so I’m unsure why is there an error there.


Good design! I would,

remove font awesome icon under how it works, it looks out of context.
Change cursor on mousehover for more details button.

You are failing tests because it’s actually a tags that need to have .nav-link classes instead of your container li.
Also your email input should have name attribute.

The #email input should have a name attribute : expected false to equal true


Hey !
Your page is pretty nice. I noticed that 13/16 tests are passing.
Concerning the design, maybe you should give a little vertical padding / margin to your button “More Details”.
Finally, I would had some opacity to the last picture so that the text pops up a little more (Email).
That being said, these are minor things to change :smile:


Thanks so much for your feedback.! I agree with your points =)


Hi thanks for your feedback i understand now about why the tests failed.above thank you = D.


I’d change the button hover state border to 2px. This then matches the default border on the non-hover state, it will prevent the change in height and also prevent any elements around it from moving up/down