Product landing page (feedback wanted)

Product landing page (feedback wanted)


Hello campers.
Here’s my third project - landing page. It needs your review. Thanks in advance.


Very nice! Clean and Simple! Love it!


Thank you for the comment, Maggie.


You might want to tweak your media queries a bit, because there seems to be some whitespace on the right on smaller screen widths, with some elements escaping outside the content box.

Ignoring that the page is near perfect. Great job.


I’m so glad that you have shown me this. I’ve checked it on mobile and in narrow window, but I couldn’t see this problem. I suppose it wasn’t narrow enough.
Thank you very much, I think it’s fixed now.


The page looks really well made. And good work fixing the bug


Thanks a lot, Subhrajyoti Sen


Very well done, your page looks amazing!


Thank you, @frankycodes :slight_smile:


Really looks good! Great use of colors and font, nice spacing and all. The logo is big on mobile and desktop for me… but overall looks amazing!! Also, good use of Flexbox, header and footer tags :slight_smile:

if you want to take your project here are some suggestions:

  • Use of <main></main> in the main content of your page for semantics and/or accessibility
  • use of <section></section> tags instead of divs for sections of content. Like your Why roses, types of roses, and contact us sections

for more information check out some semantics article :slight_smile:

Happy Coding!!


Thank you, @jcunanan05, really useful information. I’ll make changes according to your comments


The page is really nice. Besides all previous feedback you have received already, I would try to add some small description of each rose image in the rose varieties section.

You can do it for example like:

    <div class="info-wrapper">
      <img src="" alt="1_sunset_memory" class="flex-img">
      <div class="description">Climbing Rose - Sunset Beauty</div>

Otherwise you did a good job. :+1:


@sorinr, good advise! I’ll do it! Thank you


You are very welcome.


Finally I managed to update this landing page. Thank you all for contribution, now it looks better.

I used semantic tags, added small descriptions of types below the images and changed small details to make the page more responsive.


Really well made, loving the design :+1:t5:


Thank you for your opinion, @MikeOsa123


Great job Nadia! Looks awesome
Btw: what is this “tests” menu for?


@shootermv, when you do your project you have to fulfill certain tasks and then get all of the tests to pass. FCC provides this script to run the tests on your page.
Thanks for the feedback!


Nice job, in contact us you have three fields, when you click them you can see blue outline(kind of border), would be nice to remove it, something like {outline: none};