Programmer buddy for p1xt study guide

Programmer buddy for p1xt study guide


Hi everyone.
I have just started p1xt guide - Get Job Ready - JavaScript Edition - Version 2.0. If anyone also studies this guide as well and wants to pair programming such as share our daily progress and don’t let each other to get discouraged or give up, I have created Gitter chat in case somebody is interested.
If you are also looking for this kind of motivation, please don’t hesitate to join. I would be more than happy to speak with you for motivation and progress.
My current progress can be seen on this Trello board.


Hey @ErolAliyev
I am actually planning on starting to do p1xt’s guide as well! So I’ll join in too. Good idea for using the trello board too. I need to make better use of mine. Do you have a personal timeline or goal for completing the guide as well?


Hi there. Thanks for joining :smile:
My goal is to get web developer job at the end of the guide as P1xt promised (lack of a better word :sweat_smile:) and for timeline starting from 1 January I will be able to dedicate at least 6 hours per day for next 4-6 months. Hopefully, this time will be enough to reach my goal.
What about you? Do you have a specific goal for studying guide?


Basically the same thing. Although I am fortunate to have a job in development currently even though I’m not very good, so I want to become a better developer, and I know next to nothing about front end development other than what I have learned form FCC. Overall mostly just trying to find ways to stay motivated and constantly programming outside of work. :slight_smile:


I hope, we all reach our goals at the end of this journey and it is good to code with someone who is already has a job in the development area. So, thanks again for joining. :slight_smile:


No problem at all! Thanks for setting it up! :smiley: