Programming alone (without team) and earn money?

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Is it possible to programming alone (without team) and earn money?

isn’t that what freelancers do?

or what do you mean?

Freelancers work alone all the time, it is nice to have a team to rely on for things you may not know directly but you can absolutely work alone. I am the sole dev where I work at, there is one person who knows a little HTML and CSS but that is the extent of that.

Ohh I want to be the stand alone programmer (I mean the freelancer). but I don’t know where should I start. Now I’m working in company, but I think I just want to try the freelance. Thank you for your suggestion. :slight_smile:

I would try out Upwork or something similar and do it as a side hustle until you have built up some clientele then focus on doing it full time if that is your goal.

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@owel is a moderator here.

He has answered many questions about freelancing on here, from his perspective as a successful freelancer.

This link performs a simple search for posts he has that are related to freelancing:


Ohh Ok I will take a look. Thank you