Project Feedback: Portfolio

Project Feedback: Portfolio

I’ve finally reached the end of the first unit! I’m pretty satisfied with the progress I’ve made between my first project and this one, and now I have to resist the urge to go back and tweak them. Anyway, I’d love some feedback on my final project, the portfolio website. Here’s the link:

Thanks in advance!



Good job! Keep at it. I love that you made it responsive as well. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I do my best to make everything responsive! It’s a little more work but it’s nice extra practice.



Indeed it is! I hope you have fun and learn a lot with JavaScript!

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Don’t resist the temptation. Each one of the projects builds on the previous one. A concept that you learned in the lessons is built on in the first project and then that is built on in the next and you’re being introduced to another concept, etc.
No web app/web page remains static after it’s put out there. The MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is put out and then it is built on and improved.
Think of Windows putting out a beta and then the final product. What’s the difference when you put out a page and then go back and improve on that page as your experience grows?

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That’s true! I feel like I should at least wait until I’ve learned some JavaScript and then I’m definitely gonna double back and indulge on at least my portfolio page. Probably implement some ideas I had for the others that weren’t possible with CSS alone.



Yes on using things from JS to update/improve your portfolio.

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I like the colors and the use of the color gradient.

My two cents…

  1. Put your name in the navbar, say, on the far left. Like it or not, you’re branding yourself.
  2. Pad those navbar links.

Keep it up!



Was thinking of doing that, this pushed me over the edge and I think I’ll go back and do it tomorrow when I get back on.

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excellent use of gradient, it looks very nice. Besides the lack of padding in your nav bar you could work on the contact me section, the inputs could be aligned a little better. Your nav bar also has an a tag as a child of your ul tag. Its best practice to have your a tag be a child of the li tag. so it should be ul>li>a instead of ul>a>li. also your for attributes in your labels are missing corresponding inputs with the same id
good luck :+1:

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I was wondering about the ul > li > a thing. The correct order made more sense to me but when I looked at some other code for reference it was the other way. Guess I should have trusted my instincts! When you say the inputs should be aligned better do you mean they should be aligned on the left and the right? Or is there a problem with the current left alignment I’m not seeing? I wasn’t sure if they should be the same length and the email bar always looks a little long to me. Thanks for all the feedback I’ll be sure to start fixing things here in a few!



I like the color combination you used. :slight_smile:

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by the alignment i meant that they should be the same length, it would also be useful to set your textarea’s resize property to ‘vertical’

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I love the color gradient as well ! Also nice it’s responsive

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