Project Feedback - Survey Form

Project Feedback - Survey Form


Here is my survey form page. Any tips or comments would be greatly appreciated!


It looks nice, good job!:+1::+1:

Which option best describes your current role?
for this question all options are set to "student", also add selected attribute to this

<option disabled>Select an option</option>


Thank you!
I’ve tried to make like a exact reflection of the original project that’s why i didn’t add the attribute :slight_smile:

Here is original FCC project:


okay got it :grinning:
One more thing you can work on is on the alignment of your layout for small viewports.

A horizontal scroll adds when viewport width is below 412px.


Good point! Thanks!

Could you just tell me whats the typical minimal viewport value that every developer should respect? Is it somewhere around 360px or lower?


For smartphone layout, I usually make sure my design remains responsive till 350px width atleast. I do not know of any particular standard.
This link would be helpful in explaining better: link

popular screen resolutions: link