Project landing Page for review

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Greetings, all you most excellent people…this is my latest creation. I spent about a week and 10 tutorials and multiple hours on w3 MDN FCC and other places, to figure out the menu and make it work how I needed it function on the page. the flex boxes were a bit of a challenge to get how they needed to act with that menu on top. test optimised from 350 - 1366 wide, looked ok on a galaxy j3 and my lg as well.

I hope any one who does read the page enjoys it as much as I did making up all that content for it :slight_smile:

I promise you will learn nothing from this page.

thanks for reading and looking over the page.

Nice copy and interesting how you showcase most HTML tags, now wonder it took you so much time, now on the things that you could improve:

1- Design / Readability wise - You could give your copy more space to breath, as there is a lot of text to close to each other.

2- Responsive - If I resize my screen, the first two columns have a strange behavior, that looks quite odd.

3-Finally, for some reason your form is overflowing the content above it.

Still great, just some minor css tweaks here and there