Project Submission Question

Project Submission Question


Hey everyone, I have completed the Javascript project Palindrome Checker, and I submitted it and it passed the test, yet on the home page it still says I have completed 0 out of 30 projects. I was wondering if I submitted it correctly or if there was somewhere else I had to complete it to get the credit.

Thank you all for your time and help


:thinking: Did you submit the Responsive Web Design projects?


I have not, I just started with the JavaScript section since I have previous experience and wanted to do something other than html and CSS


In your settings there should be a Certification settings section.
Mine looks like this:


This is happening to me as well. I have claimed the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures certification (that shows up in the area @JohnnyBizzel took a screenshot of) , but it doesn’t contribute towards my total project count on my landing page.



The project count seems to be a total of the legacy projects you have completed. These projects were part of the old FCC curriculum which offered 3 certifications (front end, back end and data visualization). As far as I know, these certifications are no longer available. So when you complete projects on the new curriculum (like you have done with the Palindrome Checker), the project count remains unchanged.


Understood - that makes sense. So it sounds like this might need to be submitted as a bug? I’ll link to this thread via in the Support Category.


Yeah, it would make sense to just have one grand total of all projects completed, legacy or not.


Submitted to support here: JavaScript Project Progress not showing up on landing page