PUBG Mobile and VPN

PUBG Mobile and VPN

I just have a question: I adore playing PUBG mobile but I’m worried about my security. As I’m only beginner in coding, can it happen that some viruses spoil my phone while I’m playing? And does VPN prevent this?

A VPN won’t stop viruses. A VPN is just a secure connection. If you download a virus file, a VPN won’t stop you from doing that. However, a VPN provider may offer malware solutions. A VPN, not a proxy, will offer you more protection in that no-one can see your connections which will be encrypted.

Be careful choosing a VPN. Many sites are affiliates and generally push the same overpriced VPNs like Express VPN. Try to see less biased reviews or look at TrustPilot for customer reviews. Check for a NO LOGGING policy. Not much point using a VPN if the VPN logs all of your activity. Avoid free VPNs for potentially that reason. Make sure that the offer price you pay will be the renewal price. Negotiate that with the VPN company directly. You don’t want a $150 shock at the end of the year!

Can you explain to me why you think that PUBG mobile will place viruses on your phone while you are playing? I am kind a confused here because, i find it hard to image that a company such as 10cent will make an APP that allows viruses to come in. Won’t they get a bad reputation from it ? and would;t people stop playing PUBG?

For virus protection only antivirus can notify you and scan your data packets. It is done on your website. For data outside of your device vpn can safely transfer this from one point to another.

If you are having the issues written below then you might consider using vpn.

  • Secure your communication, avoid logging by your ISP, surveillance from agencies, worrying about hackers that what if they get hold of your data? As vpn encrypts your data and if they get hold of your data then they will not be able to do so as all of your data will be garbage due to encryption.
  • Facing ping/latency and lag issues? Want to get hold of region locked games? Play your game in another region with out getting kicked out due to high ping? then you may consider using vpn as they have usually highly optimized servers which are strategically placed worldwide.
  • If your ISP has blocked your ports or if you are facing ddos then you can use vpn with port forwarding and ddos protetcion with the help of vpn.
  • If you want to get yourself protected on Public WiFi’s as its a common knowledge that these places are breeding ground of cyber criminals.

I am using PureVPN for all above issues. The Best approach would be to go search on google about PureVPN or any other vpn service and see which one suits you the best. In my case as I mentioned already. I am able to achieve wonders and enjoy gaming once again both at home and campus without any hassle or issues which usually a NAT type network does.

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Use a combo of antivirus and VPN to seek security to a level of satisfaction. Avoid free VPNs, though, going with free antivirus or free versions of premium antiviruses is not a problem. And for VPNs, go with trustworthy services that fast and good performing. You can grab some good ones with available VPN deals here.

I’ve been using this vpn for playing PUBG for a while and I have never had any kind of security issue.

It’s not bad to play PUBG using a VPN as far as the security of your personal and sensitive information matters. But things you must understand is, Never ever subscribe for Free VPN or VPN services which are not genuine or trusted.

Experts found Free VPNs which are not genuine can play with user’s privacy, they may inject malware and threats into the user’s system suspiciously.

Hence, if you really love to play PUBG and extract more location, the better option is to use genuine and legitimate VPNs for PUBG that never play with user’s privacy, gives anonymity and trust.