Pull Requests In Limbo

Pull Requests In Limbo


Hello, I’ve made a couple pull requests a couple days ago, and I’m not sure why they haven’t been merged or at least had feedback on them. Granted, I did add quite a bit of content, but it was not overly complex. It is under the same username “marcusparsons”. I see other’s pull requests being merged, and yet mine have sat in limbo seemingly. Thanks to anyone who can answer this.


If this for the FCC repo? If it is, can you edit the tag on the post from “git” to “contributors” - git one is more for general questions about git itself, you should get better answers if it’s in a more visible place


Ah it is! Thanks, Dan!


There are nearly 5000 active pull requests right now on the main repo.

You are in the queue :wink:


I imagine they have a lot to wade through as well - the amount of spam PRs is really disappointing to see.

I’m in the queue too with some Spanish translations. I guess it’s a waiting game from here :slight_smile:


I am betting that is the reason. I didn’t realize that a lot of those have just been spam pull requests :\