Puzzle for coders

Puzzle for coders


Solve the puzzle for your message:


Tier 1

  • Use any clues provided below.
  • Use any online decoders.

Tier 2

  • Use either clues or decoders, but not both

Tier 3

  • Use clues, but write your own function to solve
  • Didn’t need clues? Consider yourself Tier 3.5!

Tier 4

  • Use clues, but solve with pen and paper :memo:

Beast mode

  • No clues, solve with pen and paper :memo:

Smart Alec mode

  • Let me know if you spot any errors in the puzzle!
Clue 1

Use the zero row to determine text direction.

Clue 2

Convert Binary to Decimal.

Clue 3

Convert Decimal char codes to letters.

Clue 4

Use Rot13 cipher on letters.

Post your answer below in spoiler tags, and be honest about which tier you ended up in and what clues you used :slight_smile:

I posted this from my phone, so let me know if you notice a problem - I made the puzzle by hand and then typed it up…errors are likely!


I immediately thought it’s some letters encoded in binary starting from bottom to top (the rows of zero and ones gave it away), but I got some gibberish. I had no idea it was rot13-encrypted until I peeked at the clues. Solved in Tier 4.

But is this the message?

Happy New Year to you too!

And that was a fun morning exercise :smiley:


I like spoilers so I looked at @kevcomedia’s answer. Funny message!