Python Web Development

Python Web Development

I want to learn web development using python
Which is better Django or Flask.
and from where i should learn (best resources)

I would check what’s being used in your are from job listings. Before I got my job, I also emailed recruiters in my area to help me decide.

Ultimately, it may not matter too much. I’m working with Python and Flask right now, and didn’t know either before I started.

I learn best from interactive websites, so I’m paying for Codecademy’s Python 3 course. Unfortunately it’s not on their free tier, but I’m getting reimbursed by my company. The docs for the other two are good as well.

“better” is very much relative.

flask is a simple framework that allows you to easily create web servers using python. Its comparable to Express for nodejs, in that it focuses on creating the “web server” aspect, and leaves most up to the developer.

django is another web framework, but provides a lot more than flask out of the box. Django database helpers (ORMs), template engine, amongs other things.

Both are used professionally. Which one you’d want to learn is more dependent on what you plan on doing. Generally if you aren’t sure, and just want to learn how to use python for web development, you probably will be better of learning flask, as it allows you to leverage more of just python, rather than dedicating yourself to learning something the “Django way”. If you plan on being a professional python web developer, and the jobs your looking at use Django, then that seems like the way to go.

Finally regardless of your framework choice I recommend being good with python in general if you plan on sticking with it professionally :slight_smile: