Question about form results

Question about form results


Hello, I completed the survey form and I notice that when the results generate it is leaving off the manually entered text in my survey form (name, number, email, and years of experience is not sent to email program). I was wondering if this is just because of the way HTML/CSS works, but I was just curious if there is something I am doing wrong.

I can not find anything, so that likely means I am not using the right words.

My link is here


Unfortunately, you can not submit the form results to an email address using the action attribute. You must submit the results to a webserver which will use a backend language (i.e. PHP, Node, etc…) to complete the sending of the email. Keep going in the curriculum and you will get to that part later. You can always come back to your earlier projects and add that functionality.

In the short term, once you learn some JavaScript, you could use it to at least post a useful message to the user that the form results were received. You are almost to the JavaScript sections.