Question on Data Visualization Certification

Question on Data Visualization Certification


hello everyone, I have a question about the data visualization certificate. Currently the map is only showing 5 D3 projects and 5 react projects. The courses for teaching d3 and React and listed as coming soon. I have completed the d3 projects. To complete the certification I need to complete the 5 react projects. I have zero experience with react. So I am looking for suggestions on best way to learn React so that I can complete these 5 react projects for the data visualization certification. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any help.



Go to MAP and you will see an asterisk beside certain todo items, these are the ones you must complete to claim the certification.

edit: sorry I thought you asked which parts you had to complete to get the certificate - my mistakeā€¦


Here is a post about React learning resources: post and another post


Thanks rickstewart, today is my first day on the forums and have not found those links yet. Thanks for your quick response to share them.