Question Regarding Usernames

Question Regarding Usernames


Hello everyone! Im fairly new here but so far absolutely loving the journey! I have a question about usernames, particularly on GitHub.

If your goal is to one day do this professionally, is it a mistake that your username (on GitHub) is made up rather than your full name?

Sorry for the amateurish question, just curious.

Happy Coding!

Pseudonym on Professional Accounts

This has come up before, actually, so it’s clearly a question more people have :slight_smile:

It didn’t get much traction, though.

My two cents: I don’t think it matters. The idea of pseudonyms on the internet is pretty well understood. I think as long as it is not something puerile or offensive, then it’s ok.

FWIW, the guy that wrote You Don’t Know JS, Kyle Simpson, goes by Getify on Github, and no-one would turn him down :wink: