[Quote Machine] call the function in jquery when the user click button

[Quote Machine] call the function in jquery when the user click button


Hey camper, I have a simple problem… this is my code:

 $(function () {
    $("#message").myFunction();  // how to call a function here ? when the user click the button ? it should be retrunet in a element with #message selector

So the question is simple - how to call myFunction in brackets { } ? In translate, I need this:
When the user click to the button “NEW QUOTE”, so it should call this function:

function  myFunction () {

    number =  Math.floor(Math.random() * (max - min + 1)) + min;

       if (number === 1) {
      return "Pokial nejsi prvy, tak si posledny";

    else if (number === 2) {
      return "Nechce se ti do toho? Udelej to!";

    else {
      return "Dej psovi jídlo a bude na tebe čumět celej život";


and return some random quote to the element with #message selector
How? Your help can save 60 minutes + for me, so thank you very much.


You will most likely need the .html() method here: $("#message").html("Some text"). You can replace "Some text" by the return of your function.


Yes, but the return should be, after every click to the button, different… because it’s “random” quote machine… there can’t be just 1 quote.
Or how do you think it ? just write $("#message").html(“Norbit, don’t eat that cookies!”) ? So ?


You can use myFunction() inside .html() to get a random quote each time.


Ooh thanks so much !! I tried do this yeasterday and it didn’t work… It was because I was using Atom and Atom didn’t warned me, that I lost one bracket } …
I was searching for how do this for hours, trying a lot of ways, lol :smiley:

I’ll give you special thanks to my #100DaysOfCode log , in 4 hours :smiley: Should I link to your portfolio or what do you want for me ? :smiley: You really saved me a lot of time :smiley:


Good luck with your #100DaysOfCode!

No need for a special thanks :slightly_smiling_face: