Radom Quote Machine. Feedback request

Radom Quote Machine. Feedback request


Hi. I need some feedback about my quote machine.
Here is the link http://codepen.io/cmanrique/full/jrpPKx/.
Thanks in advance.


Random quotes works :thumbsup:.

You’ll want to add target="_blank" to your tweet link so it doesn’t open (a blank page) on the codepen previewer.


Hi. Thanks for your feedback :grinning:.
I tested the twitter anchor and always open a new window here.
Did it open a blank page in your case? why could it behave differently?


I don’t really know, but now you know there are cases where it doesn’t behave as expected :slight_smile:

Anyway it’s always a good idea to use target="_blank" in links you put in codepen.


Thanks for the reminder :+1: