Random quote generator review

Random quote generator review


Hey guys can you please review my work? Here is the link http://codepen.io/fayleslie/pen/mEQbpX/


This is really cool, also the font style and the background really match one another. Everything’s excellent.


Great job! Love the style.


Elegant design and very minimalist. I would consider bringing down the quote text closer to the buttons though. When they’re so far apart it creates some extra work for me as a reader of the quotes. I read the quote and then start thinking: “hmm, what else can I do now that I’ve read the quote.” It only takes a few seconds if that, but that can be quite important.

The eyes also do extra work when I go up to the quote to read it, then down to press the button, then up again to read etc. Probably wouldn’t have payed attention to that otherwise but I read a book on UX design called “Don’t make me think”. :slight_smile: