Random Quote Project for Feedback - Static Array

Random Quote Project for Feedback - Static Array


I used a static array for quote and author

  • length check for twitter

Until I adapt this to pull quotes from an external source the length check will always pass this data- but it does work (I think)


Hiya! I think the spirit of this project is definitely to use an external source for the quotes. It sounds like you might be having trouble finding a suitable API? I used this one https://forismatic.com/en/api/ and it worked well. Good Luck!


Thanks for the link and for giving me feedback. I will probably keep this static as the next challenge, the weather app, is API-based. This is the first project to require that we dynamically alter text on a web-page- (outside of the lesson/challenges). IMO that is enough, - all learning is built on a scaffold right?!. Also was fun to target different parts of an array- again a first for a project.