Random Quotes: RESTful API?

Random Quotes: RESTful API?


My next project will be the Random Quotes Machine and I had the idea of building a RESTful API using Node.js (maybe hosted in RedHat OpenShift or other place, still looking) and create a simple client in Codepen.
Is this a valid (and acceptable) idea? What do you think?

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You certainly could!

The early back-end challenges have you building some simple APIs to be hosted on Heroku, so you may end up retreading the same ground later, but otherwise do whatever you find rewarding :slight_smile:


Thank you! Your post was precious to me, especially because I was about to jump into Red Hat’s Open Shift instead of Heroku :wink: [quote=“JacksonBates, post:2, topic:20667”]


It took me much longer than expected, & I’ll explain:

  • I work in Ubuntu from home and my professional experience is close to 95% Microsoft environment. This makes working with Git repositories somewhat different than what I was used to do.
  • Meeting the HTTP access control for scripts isn’t a pleasant experience. Some members will know very well what I mean, and a few others will find out soon what I’m talking about.

I’ve used Liber AL (also called the book of the law) from Aleister Crowley, probably it will be hosted on a dedicated site to the writer.
Here is the API https://botlaw-heroku.herokuapp.com/
and if you want to check the src code it is here https://github.com/LuisGonzaga/botlaw2
Next I’ll finish the client app (already started and was the one to introduce me to the “XMLHttpRequest cannot load”)

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The http://www.lashtal.com site is hosting my API at http://liberal.lashtal.com/
It as also lost Heroku’s startup delay :wink:
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