React Challenges Freeze Browser

React Challenges Freeze Browser


Hello everyone. I have started the React Challenges. I have reached the Compose React Components but every time I hit Run The Test the browser freezes as it does with an infinite loop. The same happens even if I have written nothing myself as a solution.
Thank you in advance.


Can you post the code you are using here as a reply? If you can copy/paste the actual code, that would be better than a screenshot.

Also, what browser are you using? Chrome works best with the FCC challenges, because the new curriculum uses features that some browsers (Edge and IE) do not support currently.


Hello. I use Firefox developer edition the latest version. I haven’t used anything in the code. It is the default code from freecodecamp. Now I cannot even access it. The browser freezes. I haven’t faced that problem before.


I am facing the same issue too, have you been able to figure it out?


Hello. No I haven’t been able to figure it out. And the problem is that I cannot post the code in the browser’s editor because when I enter the challenge my browser freezes. It just crashes, unfortunately.