React Drum Machine is ready

React Drum Machine is ready


Hi! Finally finished my Drum machine. I’ll be glad if you take a look at it.

I have a problem: in Chrome everything works well, but none of my React projects work in Firefox. Console says there’s a problem with react scripts download. How can I fix it?


Nadiia ,
I like your project it’s wonderful !!! How much time require do this project ? :blush: :man_technologist:


Thank you, @SpadeX

Definitely more than a week. I think 9 or 10 days of everyday 2-4 hours work.
I was looking for sounds for couple of days :slight_smile: and about two or three days I was building design with css. All the rest of time I was struggling with React components. After these days I feel like I begin to understand something :blush:


Nicely done. Polish is :ok_hand:


Thanks, @Ethanefung!


Really Superb!
Excellent !!