React.js or angular

React.js or angular


Hello i’am looking to invest some time in a javascript framework i head that react is more for building user interfaces. my question is can one build web apps with node and react or do i need something like angular which is more of a complete framework?


These articles on Quora has a lot of information and respondents on your exact question: Should I learn React or Angular? and Which should I choose for a new web application, AngularJS or Flux React, and why?


I build apps for work now using React and Node. I used Angular 1 in the past and I think React is more flexible and faster and I can navigate through my files better. The only thing that frustrates me sometimes is how much some parts of the library have changed over the last 6-months even, so old tutorials aren’t always accurate. Still, Angular did a much bigger overhaul so I am very happy working with React right now.


Here’s a link of study which was made by Cleveroad Inc.- REACT VS ANGULAR: TWO SIDES OF JAVASCRIPT They describe their own experience



Angular is an open-source framework use to create frond-end web development. React is a JavaScript open-source library with a JSX compiler use to construct user interfaces.
Angular is a complete structural framework that is used for developing dynamic web applications. Unlike Angular, React only will not be sufficient to build a complete functional web apps. React requires many libraries to build a complete web application.

ReactJS Online Training in India


thanks for sharing. i would like to write about it. And i will share here


Start with understanding their pros and cons and particular features, there are lots of articles recommended, and here is one more:
Then understand your needs, And make a choice.


I am learning Angular and it is extremely frustrating… that being said Angular is made by Google and has a HUGE following. Looking at jobs at least in my area I see a lot of companies looking for Angular as a skill. However, a lot of companies say they want experience with Angular, React, or Vue. So YMMV to be honest depending on your area etc. Vue is very simple to pick up and fast to develop in but I have a lot of issues getting components to play nice for some reason.

TL;DR: Angular is a PITA to learn but seems to be very sought after. I will continue to suffer through until I learn it for that very reason.



After a lot of consideration I’ve decided to learn Vue.js as my first framework. It’s pretty cool so far (and easy to understand) :slightly_smiling_face:


Vue.js is easy to learn and can be immediately productive.

Two way binding in Vue.js is quite simple when you use v-model. In React its a long way down.
Vue doesn’t require Webpack.
It’s Guide and API reference are awesome!
Supports server-side rendering, helping you with SEO, and makes your site viewable by people with Javascript disabled.
Vue.js is easy to use and is slowly gaining popularity.
In this blog, I found the information: Angular vs React: Which One is Better?


I think React is the way to go, the StateOfJS Survey ( confirms it’s the most popular web framework.


A solid break down that includes React, Angular, and Vuejs:

I’m a big fan of VueJs, but I’m trying to keep my React skills primed too. :slight_smile:


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Weird. Fixed (I think). Thanks for the heads-up.


It works now, thanks!