React project (3) review

React project (3) review

Learning React, worked on third test project.

Pending features:
a. Add cache to check if there are no more repositories available post Fetch call and hide View more button instead of redundant user click interaction.
b. Loading animation.

Things I learnt in this test project:
a. Spread operator usage
b. setState callback methods
c. Pagination in fetch



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Congrats on this. Very cool test project. Few things to think about:

  • Search only showing one item feels odd. Most users would expect to see a list of results after hitting ‘Search’
  • Since you are paginating results could you tell the user ‘Showing 10 of 50 possible matches’ or similar
  • ‘View another project’ still shows up even if the developer has only one project (also should it say ‘Repos’?
  • Loading one more at a time is slow, could it load 5 more repos each click (or some other number)

I like this.

This may be just my crazy way of thinking, but it would be cool if you could filter out, say, forked repositories when displaying projects. Or, at least give the user the option of filtering.

I have refactored code to break it into modular child components. I took care of showing 5 repositories instead of 1 and hide “View another project” when developer has less projects than requested. I will do further testing to find new bugs. Showing a numbered pagination sounds awesome but API does not provide a length of total repositories available. It might make sense to send multiple custom AXIOS get requests which I am not completely familiar with yet.

Added sort by filters in newest feature.

Added a touch of CSS transitions.

Added user profile feature in a table format.

Added new colour theme.

I do not have much knowledge about React and API’s but your project looks super cool . Have u learned React from FCC??

Yes, I learnt React from Full course video by FCC on Youtube.

Looks good!
Better keep text background monochrome and as contrast as much text there to read. Card onhover behavior might look better if you show photo overflow.

Made theme changes to use handpicked best colours by and add sticky style to filter box on scroll.