Recommended Books to learn Javascript?

Recommended Books to learn Javascript?


Hi FFC folks,

How are we?

I am just looking online for some awesome books, got an amazon gift card for Christmas and want to use it wisely.

No I have two JS books:

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide (Definitive Guides)
JavaScript: The Good Parts

but what other books would be good for my studies?




YDKJS is one and if you make a quick search on the forums you’ll find other titles right away.

You migh also want to check this guide, this guide and possibly this one


The following is really good:
Javascript & jQuery, by Jon Duckett

see here:



Is YDKJS better than Eloquent Javascript? Wich one would you recommend?


:grin: I’m probably not even as far as you so I can’t say, but YDKJS has incredible reviews here. Look it up on the forums - you’ll also probably find @P1xt 's advice on what to read - and why they don’t like Eloquent Javascript that much.


Hey hey,

Thanks for all of these recommendations.

I think I will go for YDKJS and Eloquent Javascript!

Cheers for this folks :slight_smile:



Here is a running post that is full of ideas… What programming books are you reading this month


Cheers for this. Actually folks - what books are good for getting better at algorithms?



Search for CLRS, it’s very famous.


YDKJS … I find it amazing: clear, not an heavy read, plenty of coding example. It is great read together the Udemy “JavaScript the wierd parts” course, actually YDKJS is the “book” copy. Highlight on important topics like Objects, Closure and Scope…first book, has a great intro to most important elements of the JavaScript engine.

The Ducket book, it’s a nice to have…good explanation, great illustrations, but the topics are not shown in a real logic way, for somebody looking at JS for the first time it can be confusing.

Eloquent is also a nice to have (it’s free so no harm)…for sure there interesting concepts to grab, but personally I do not like for learning purposes (rather as a bed reading)…layout and examples I don’t find really explanatory.

In conclusion, for JavaScript reading, I would suggest the online documentation at the Mozilla Development web page…amazing.


Before buying a book just check out first if they are offered for free, unless you want to contibute with the author and get addtional services, which I think it is also an option.


Great Javascript Books

confirmed great books:

1. "Javascript and JQuery" by John Ducket (rly nice overview on all important concepts)
2. "JS Up & Going" by  Kyle Simpson (1st book free, from "You dont know JS" Series, rly good)
3. "Learning Javascript" by  Ethan Brown (best+newest maybe, client+server-side-JS)


Thanks man! Nothing beats getting physical books!


Thanks @drpacket for this I have ordered the last book from Ethan - it looks great :slight_smile:


Yeah! Congrats! That is a good one. Plus a pretty decent read for a “technical” book :wink:


Woah hold it! Where do you think you’re running off with 2 books in hand!
Close your eyes, meditate a few mins.

Take one step at a time.

First read, then tinker, then practice practice practice

20% read, 40% tinker, 40% practice

Wow I don’t know stock market has good shares now :slight_smile:

but remember, 1 step, first book then 2nd.

Take a soda too!


I have the actual book, but there is probably an ebook for this too. It’s called “A Smarter Way to Learn Javascript” by Mark Myers. It breaks Javascript in bite sized chunks and has helped me understand a lot more. I would highly recommend it.


I think Eloquent JS is a great book, as he is pointing in the direction of functional programming and away from classical inheritance. You can add two other books to read along side Eloquent JS and YDKJS:
Functional-Light JS (Kyle Simpson)
Programming JavaScript Applications (Eric Elliott)


I would also add Eric’s excellent list of resources:
Essential JavaScript Links

You can also add MPJ’s videos into the mix:


Thanks again to all for all the links, I now have some really awesome books and am loving them!!