Requesting Feedback on My Tribute Page

Requesting Feedback on My Tribute Page



I’ve made my first project and I would like to know what those more experienced think of it.

Here is the page: Samurai Jack Tribute Page


Good job, it looks clean and well designed!

I would increase the font-size bigger and give more paddings to top and bottom of your text containers :slight_smile:


Hi, I’d like some feedback on my Tribute Page Project.
Here’s the link:


I really liked your tribute page. The samurai image is nice. Good job… well designed :grinning:


It looks nice. I would suggest you to add margin between <li>


Thank you.
I have recently altered my project a bit and made it more Responsive. i have also added margin between <li>
Could you please give your valuable feedback on the new project.
Here’s the link:

Thank you once again.


After adding margin it looks better… Yes the page is now responsive as well :slight_smile: