Requesting Personal Portfolio Webpage Feedback please

Requesting Personal Portfolio Webpage Feedback please


Hello! I’d like to request some feedback for my personal portfolio webpage. All feedback is welcome.

If you have a little extra time I’m always open to feedback on the other projects linked in this portfolio page. Especially my technical documentation page. Unfortunately I was unable to get any feedback on my previous post for that page. No worries though.

I appreciate any help and guidance you’re able to provide.



Hey your portfolio project looks really good! I also went through your other projects and found the technical documentation and tribute page very impressive. Good luck for future projects :+1:


Fix the send button design because it’s doesn’t look good when a different font size.
Align the projects horizontally.


Thanks for the feedback.

I fixed the send button font size and fixed the horizontal alignment (turns out the all the pics were of slightly different sizes so I resized them and made them all equal).

I do have a question for anyone who can help. Any idea why I have those few pixel rows of blank space under the screenshots (above the captions)? I can’t figure out how to get rid of those.

Thanks again!


Add display: block; to the .project-pic class.


@lasjorg THANKS! :grinning::+1:


Your welcome. I should really have explained that. It is because the <img> element behaves like an inline-block element, so that is why you get the white space.

Side geek note: The img element is actually a replaced inline element.