Resources for Learning React/Redux

Resources for Learning React/Redux


This thread does not seem to be all that active anymore so not sure if anyone else will find this useful… but I’m surprised nobody mentioned’s courses. There are 2 intro to React courses and I found them both to be very useful. I’ve never found their lessons to be quite as intuitive as FCC’s, BUT, they are interactive and get you coding right away.

I was still slightly flustered at the end of the second course (I did them both in 2 days to keep it fresh), as it is a lot of info to take in, so had to pick apart some people’s code on CodePen to really get started - but the combo was great and I just (sort of) finished building my 2nd React app! I did the markdown previewer, but also implemented a tool bar, which seemed a bit more fun. Check it out!

My first React App:
My second (almost done as of this post):


And thanks to @gwenf et. al. for all the great links! Looking forward to digging in.

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I just wanted to chime in and give a review of Andrew Mead’s Complete React Developer course on Udemy. This is a HUGE course, and I got it for $17. The money has been very very much worth it. I admit there is a lot of repetition with some of the small tasks, but I know these are good for really internalizing what’s going on. The course covers React, Redux, webpack setup, pushing to git and heroku, using Foundation and SCSS, making async calls to a Firebase database, and testing with Mocha, Karma, and Expect! I still haven’t finished everything, and he continues to add more material, just adding a new section for all the ES6 styling of writing React components as extensions of Component class and other things. I took a break because I felt confident enough to start coding my own React/Redux app to put my skills to test and completed it on my own. Highly recommend it.


I watched part of that course too and I think Andrew Mead is a very good teacher.

Another Udemy teacher I like is Stephen Grider. He also teaches React and a really good React Native course.


I might have to check this out, I felt I got quite a bit out of the code academy courses I took, but this sounds to be a bit more comprehensive as I didn’t get a chance to learn Redux through that course and I hear this topic coming up again and again in relation to React.

Another bit of good news - it looks like FCC will have it’s own section on React coming in the not too distant future… I’m certainly excited to check that out!


Many of the links in this thread are dead :skull:

I’ve been watching thenewboston’s React and Redux videos, and they are pretty good.

But if he casually glosses over one more core concept and says ‘this is the easiest thing in the world’ one more time, I am going to thumb out his eyeballs…


$10 right now. Get it while it’s hot!


Do not take the course at Udemy, It seems very old, the version they’re using is 0.14.7.
I lost time and money there.


he’s cheap because it’s old, very disapointed by those course…


The differences between versions 14 and 15 are not significant enough to make learning under 14 obsolete IMHO. See release notes.


The FCC React course (alpha version, apparently) is here;

It is excellent.


The principles of React are still pretty much the same. I work professionally with React and I think this is a very good intro.

If you are looking for something more up to date, I would check out
They have some great React courses - including a Complete Intro to React one - and also React Native and Webpack 2 courses.


I really think the syntaxes matter, using es6 too.
I will check


I was thinking of buying one of the intro to react courses, either by stephen grider or by andrew mead.
but then I read those comments that these courses are outdated now.
would love to get your views on which course do you recommend now, if I want the updated course for es6 version.
what do you guys suggest?


Andrew Mead updated his course a few months ago with about an hour and a half of video contend showing how to write ES6 class components. The rest of the course uses the older syntax which is still similar and helps you learn the concepts of React (most of the syntax is pretty much the same anyway). I would still recommend it.


Thank you for sharing!


Has anyone done both Andrew Mead’s Udemy course for React AND Tyler McGinnis’ React Fundamentals?

Trying to decide between the two, and at the moment Mead is ahead on cost- but I’m keen to hear any experiences people have had with Tyler’s course.


^ I haven’t done either course yet, but I was really turned off at how that Tyler McGinnis course used to be available for free (at something like, it was a while ago so I may have that slightly off) and he’s now charging a practical arm & leg for that React material at $20/mo? Where the heck does he get off charging that much? Even if React was changing every single month (which I doubt it is), there’s nothing that justifies that cost and IMO paying any kind of monthly fee for a course that covers only React is absolutely ridiculous.

I’d rather pay money for a Wes Bos course which have flat fees, or Andrew Mead’s course for $10 on Udemy. I tried Stephen Grider’s Modern React with Redux for 2 weeks but gave up on it because I wasn’t learning anything from his approach and don’t understand how his course has so many positive reviews (no offense to Grider but he can’t teach).

Good books/courses for react?

Yeah, I hear ya.

To be fair to Tyler, there is more available in that 20/mo than just React, and I don’t mind paying for something that used to be free. But the sub model is a bit odd for courses like this. It’s not like he’s Lynda or something with hundreds of offerings.