Resources for Learning React/Redux

Resources for Learning React/Redux


I have watched some of Stephen Grider’s videos and I think he is an excellent teacher. If you are just starting out, Andrew Mead has a good intro to React called, “The Complete React Web App Developer Course.” Then I would check out Stephan’s “Advanced React and Redux” one.


Thanks for the reply, @gwenf. I got trigger happy because courses are 50% off for me right now (maybe a general sale, maybe because I recently finished a a Udemy course on Node), so I went ahead and ordered both of Stephen Grider’s courses since they’re less than $20 with the sale. I can still get Andrew Mead’s course for 50% off, so I’m tempted to grab it as well… You think it’s worth it or overkill?

Let me add, my learning style with new concepts is: slow, thorough, visual, under the hood, and repeated exposure/practice in different settings… :sweat_smile:


Might be overkill. That’s a lot of hours to watch, plus you want to start building your own stuff eventually, right? :slight_smile:

Stephan’s a good teacher, I think you will be happy with his material.


I did multiple courses to learn react and redux and I think these courses would put at a very solid place. I did them in a different order though but this is how I would recommend them. There will be a lot of repeated topics but I feel I understand information better when it is presented in different ways. If I feel confident in the topic already then I use the right arrow key to skip ahead a few seconds. I probably would not be able to go through all of this without skipping ahead with the right arrow key relatively often after the first tutorial.

You can get a free pluralsight account from microsoft’s visual dev essentials.

  1. (1 hr 30 min) react
  2. (3 hr 30min) react
  3. (5 hr) react flux router + front end environment tools
  4. (1 hr) react redux
  5. (1 hr 45 min) from redux’s creator
  6. (6 hr) react redux router es 6 updated advanced version of tutorial 3

I also think the docs are very good Section 2 has a to-do list tutorial.

  1. I think it was a great introduction and quick and to the point.
  2. This one honestly wastes too much time. A lot of the beginning and end can be skipped. I kind of want to remove it but it still was useful in some places.
  3. This was the first tutorial I did after finishing the front-end projects and it uses a real front-end development environment which was a bit slow for me to set up with all my typos. I think I ended up using the exercise file base source code to get things set up. The tutorial was very detailed though so I still was able to get through it.
  4. I did the 5th tutorial before this one but I feel like this one explained things in a very simple way to understand.
  5. This was a bit difficult for me to understand but I think doing the 4th tutorial first will make it easier to follow.
  6. This is an updated advanced version of the 3rd tutorial. This uses a more updated front-end environment with ES6 code.

After doing the react redux pluralsight tutorial I used the guy’s react redux starter kit for the react redux roguelike project I am working on.


@gwenf, thank you for recommending Andrew Mead’s udemy course! To take advantage of the 50% off deal, I went ahead and ordered it. I’m almost a third of the way through it now, and his teaching and gradually complicating curriculum is great for learning everything in stride. Also glad to know I’ll see examples of several apps through the length of the course Udemy offers 30 day returns, so I might take a look over Stephen Grider’s first course to see if it covers anything from an angle Andrew may have missed then return it.


The Pluralsight course has been really helpful for me. I tried a few of the Youtube videos first and got lost almost immediately. Thanks for the tip on the free access!!


This thread does not seem to be all that active anymore so not sure if anyone else will find this useful… but I’m surprised nobody mentioned’s courses. There are 2 intro to React courses and I found them both to be very useful. I’ve never found their lessons to be quite as intuitive as FCC’s, BUT, they are interactive and get you coding right away.

I was still slightly flustered at the end of the second course (I did them both in 2 days to keep it fresh), as it is a lot of info to take in, so had to pick apart some people’s code on CodePen to really get started - but the combo was great and I just (sort of) finished building my 2nd React app! I did the markdown previewer, but also implemented a tool bar, which seemed a bit more fun. Check it out!

My first React App:
My second (almost done as of this post):


And thanks to @gwenf et. al. for all the great links! Looking forward to digging in.

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I just wanted to chime in and give a review of Andrew Mead’s Complete React Developer course on Udemy. This is a HUGE course, and I got it for $17. The money has been very very much worth it. I admit there is a lot of repetition with some of the small tasks, but I know these are good for really internalizing what’s going on. The course covers React, Redux, webpack setup, pushing to git and heroku, using Foundation and SCSS, making async calls to a Firebase database, and testing with Mocha, Karma, and Expect! I still haven’t finished everything, and he continues to add more material, just adding a new section for all the ES6 styling of writing React components as extensions of Component class and other things. I took a break because I felt confident enough to start coding my own React/Redux app to put my skills to test and completed it on my own. Highly recommend it.


I watched part of that course too and I think Andrew Mead is a very good teacher.

Another Udemy teacher I like is Stephen Grider. He also teaches React and a really good React Native course.


I might have to check this out, I felt I got quite a bit out of the code academy courses I took, but this sounds to be a bit more comprehensive as I didn’t get a chance to learn Redux through that course and I hear this topic coming up again and again in relation to React.

Another bit of good news - it looks like FCC will have it’s own section on React coming in the not too distant future… I’m certainly excited to check that out!


Many of the links in this thread are dead :skull:

I’ve been watching thenewboston’s React and Redux videos, and they are pretty good.

But if he casually glosses over one more core concept and says ‘this is the easiest thing in the world’ one more time, I am going to thumb out his eyeballs…


$10 right now. Get it while it’s hot!


Do not take the course at Udemy, It seems very old, the version they’re using is 0.14.7.
I lost time and money there.


he’s cheap because it’s old, very disapointed by those course…


The differences between versions 14 and 15 are not significant enough to make learning under 14 obsolete IMHO. See release notes.


The FCC React course (alpha version, apparently) is here;

It is excellent.


The principles of React are still pretty much the same. I work professionally with React and I think this is a very good intro.

If you are looking for something more up to date, I would check out
They have some great React courses - including a Complete Intro to React one - and also React Native and Webpack 2 courses.


I really think the syntaxes matter, using es6 too.
I will check