Responsive Survey Form

Responsive Survey Form


Hello! After few more complicated projects I turned back to responsive ones. Here’s my survey form. What do You think, is there something to enhance?

Codepen with Survey Form


Good job! I like your animations. Here are few things I suggest,

Form validations : I am able to put in text in age field and it won’t complain. Consider changing its type to number.

Required fields : Often times it’s a good idea to indicate that fields are required with * by labels.

Form validations are included in the FCC test suite. Are you passing them?

Good luck!


Thanks for reply and some insights!

I’m awared of tests, just need to give elements proper id’s for now.

I don’t fully understand Your thoughts about required fields. Isn’t the required property enough ? What do You mean fields are required with * by labels. ?



What I mean is something like this. Although required property is enough I tend to use these * to give users clear expectations.


I like unique look of the checkboxes. I think it would be better if the radio buttons looked different from checkboxes, since they have different behavior.