Responsive Web Design: Build a tribute page

Responsive Web Design: Build a tribute page


Hello Campers

I am currently taking the curriculum courses and find myself stuck on “Responsive Web Design Projects: Build a tribute page”.

I have tried to create the tribute page accordingly to the user stories and have most of the requirements passed.
But when I try to test the solution it is bringing me a yellow code with one error that I can’t figure out.
I hope that you can help me to address this issue so that I can get the test past with a green code.

Please review my codepen:

Thank you in advanced.


Hello there

Thanks for your response, but you are missing the point.
I am about to take a the curriculum course in and I am stuck in the part “Responsive Web Design Projects: Build a tribute page”, where the page I have created could not pass the test, giving me a yellow error code.
I would like some help to have my tribute page pass the test, so that I can continue with the course.


@Sonech, maybe try reloading the page. When I go the link you provided and run the Tribute Page test suite, it passes with a 10/10. (Also, ignore the comment above from webbycentral. It’s spam.)


Thank you very much Michael, it seems to work now!

Have a great day!