Restaurant website feedback

Restaurant website feedback


@KevinReynolds My own thoughts ran along the lines of the image below, a line or something showing a visible link between the selected options, kinda like a tree-graph you could say. It’s rough, but you get the idea, right? If you wanna go the animation route, you could animate a line starting form the pizza menu to the to selected sub-menu or something.


Your site looks great! Nice choice of colors. Its concise and neat.


Looks very good for the most part. If you want some suggestions, here they are:

  1. The CTA has to be much more visible than it is at the moment. I’d change the background/color when hovering to the default one.
  2. Not great fan of overusing the curved backgrounds. I would keep them off about us section (both top and bottom). I also don’t like them in Hours & Location section at all but lack an idea for replacement at the moment.
  3. Add some excitement to the menu section, specifically the buttons, it looks clean but a little bit dull at the same time. Maybe have each category have a different color instead of one color for all categories.

That’s as far as design goes. I’d also recommend adding testimonials (in a carousel) like others have recommended :slight_smile: