Resume Review - Trying to get my 1st web dev job

Resume Review - Trying to get my 1st web dev job

Hey, so I’m a 35 year old life long web coder who is finally switching from freelancing to getting a dev job. I have found some really good open jobs right now, and then realized I would need a resume. I’ve got a master CV saved of all my projects and have a template resume I’ve drafted. I was hoping for a bit of constructive criticism on my resume before I send it off to a couple of job opps today. I have 20 years experience with HTML, around 13 with CSS, and just jumped into Javascript last year. I’m cleaning up my Github projects as well to showcase my recent builds with React. I am finishing up the calculator for libraries and then only have the Pomadoro challenge to finish libraries certification. Any and all feedback is welcome. Thanks!

Resume on G-Drive

Hey there!

I quite like your design sense on the resume. I don’t yet have much to offer in regards to what to put on the resume as I will be getting feedback on my resume soon and don’t want to offer erroneous advice. I’ll report back after I get guidance.

However, I definitely would like to be able to click to your websites on your resume.

It is a simple and nice resume. I would not hold back your job search because you feel any need to continue editing this resume.

Critiques: (Take it or leave it. I am not the English major here, you are)

1)You are so close to 1 page. It really helps. A second page of bibliography type stuff that they can go run to and check and research is fine and fun, but that is not this resume.

2)Your education as an English major is going to get you through many challenges. It is an HR stepping stone thing. My suggestion is to get it onto the first page, even in your sidebar. Just so an HR dude can check a box. It is more important for larger companies with stand alone HR departments who do first reviews of resumes.

  1. By far my weakest critique after reading your resume is that your first bullet points starts with “added a web page”. That is a simple thing to do. That you did it in the context you then described is very important. Can you rearrange that sentence or change the language to better incorporate what you did with your leading argument?

Thanks for that idea! I’ve added links to the website and my github profile.

No, these are exactly what I’m looking for. I haven’t had to update a resume in years so I’m feeling rusty. I’ll definitely make changes based on your suggestions, because you are spot on. Thank you!

Nice design! A couple things I’d change:

  • You use ‘Created’ twice in a row in your bullets under your first description
  • Your bullet points should reflect more of the impact your actions had in your organization, and less of the details (created a nav bar vs. increased user experience, etc.)
    • Your first bullet under ESHA IT could read something like ‘Transferred website and content… to WordPress CMS platform which increased load times by X%’
  • Getting it to one page would be awesome! You’re very close, maybe reduce the whitespace in the header/contact section?

Nicely done overall!