Return Early Pattern for Functions returns NaN

Return Early Pattern for Functions returns NaN


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When I take the return undefined out of the if/else, it returns undefined. Placing it in an if/else returns NaN, are there any ideas why?

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// Setup
function abTest(a, b) {
  // Only change code below this line
  if (abTest < 0) {
    return undefined;
  } else {

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  return Math.round(Math.pow(Math.sqrt(a) + Math.sqrt(b), 2));

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if (abTest < 0) {
Can you describe what you think this is doing?


If abTest is less than 0


And what is abTest?


At this point it is a and b, or 2 and 2, the parameters that are being fed in.


abTest is the name of the function.


I see, so if I test against the parameters, I should be good.


if (a < 0 || b < 0)

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